How to Stand as a Delegate

The Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario) 2016 General Meeting is a biennial event for Liberal Party of Canada members in Ontario. However, only members of the Liberal Party who applied for delegate status, can attend as elected delegates. Delegates, including ex-officios, are the only participants at the meeting eligible to vote. They will be able to vote on different constitutional amendments and the elections of Ontario officers.

In order to register as a delegate, you must first stand for election as a delegate in your riding.

Who are delegates and alternates and how are they elected?

Electoral District Associations (EDAs) will be electing delegates and alternate delegates at Delegate Selection Meetings (DSMs). Members should contact their local EDA President to find out when and where their meeting will be held.

How do I become a delegate?

To become a delegate, you must have been a member of the Liberal Party of Canada prior to the Delegate Selection Meeting in your riding. Eligible members can then put their names forward to be nominated for a delegate position. Every riding is entitled to elect 18 delegates. Of those 18 delegates, spots are allocated to a minimum of 4 youth (25 years old and under) ,a minimum of 4 spots for women over 25, and minimum of 4 spots for men over 25. The other 6 positions can be filled by anyone. Any empty delegate spaces can be filled by the local riding association.

If you are not elected as a delegate you can become an Alternate. Alternates can take the place of a delegate and be eligible to vote if an elected delegate does not complete their registration in time.

What is an ex-officio?

An ex-officio is someone who is granted delegate status without going through an election. They get to be delegates because of another position they did or do currently hold. Some examples would be sitting Members of Parliament or current riding presidents.

For a full list of ex-officios for the LPC(O) 2016 General Meeting click here.

For more information please call LPC(O) office at 1 (800) 361-3881 or (416) 921-2844